It is with a heavy heart that we announce that Vapore will be closing it's doors and online shop July 15th.

We appreciate all of your loyal support through the years, and we are available for any questions or concerns by email. Go to 'contact us' or email us at

We are now selling discounted bundles of juice to help you stock up on your favorite flavors! Call or place an order today to assure you get your order before we close.

Juice Bundles:

  • 2 x 30's for $25
  • 2 x 60's for $40
  • 2 x 120's (or 4 x 60's) for $85
  • 3 x 120's (or 6 x 60's) for $120
  • 4 x 120's (or 1 big bottle) for $150.  500 mls of juice, 140 mls free!
  • 8 x 120's (or 1 big bottle) for $250. 1000 mls of juice, 280 mls free!

Big bottle = 1000 ml with your choice of extra 30 ml or 60 ml bottles for transporting. This bottle is filled halfway for 500 ml orders.

All sales are now considered final, including juice or devices.