Our E-Liquid Menu

Our Category5 and Cloud Therapy lines of eLiquid are mixed at a ratio of 70/30 (VG/PG)


A sweet peach complimented with crisp apples and a creamy hint of champagne.

King Cake

Our twist on the New Orleans classic paired with cinnamon and vanilla.

Moloko Plus

A delicious creamy medley of cheesecake, cream, vanilla, and strawberries!


A dark, strong blend of Bourbon, brown sugar, and vanilla.


Our take on the nostalgic cereal, “Fruity Pebbles”!

Hakuna Fri-TahTah

What a wonderful phrase! Relax and try out this delicious

apple fritter flavor that will have you singing “No Worries..”

Pound Cake

Yellow cake topped off with a creamy, lemon finish!


A legendary fruit blend with juicy strawberries, peaches, and more.

Sour Melon

A subtle watermelon blend of sweet and tart fruits, with a candy finish.


A warm brownie topped with hazelnut vanilla icecream, and mocha hot coacoa!

Purple Nerd

Willy Wonka's special tarty-sweet candy bits with raspberries and strawberries.


Our favorite classic cookie with lots of sugary cinnamon goodness.

Strawberry Shortcake

This delectable, light and fluffy yellow cake topped with whipped cream and sweet strawberries.

Muff'n Top

Say goodbye to those tight pants and hello to this delicious, warm blueberry experience.

Creme Bronze

A blend of RY4 tobacco, vanilla, caramel, and butterscotch.

Creme Rouge

A creamy custard with notes of strawberries and whipped cream.

Pina Colada

Try this sweet pineapple and coconut rum to remind you to relax and hit the beach!


This rich, warm mocha topped with caramel buttercream is to make you addicted too.

Fruits and Candy

 Bad Wolf- rose candy

Banana- sweet classic      

Berry Bear- raspberry gummies

Black N’ Blue- berry overload

Blueberry- wild sweetness

Blue Sky- blueberry cotton candy

Bubblegum- juicy and long-lasting

Caramel Apple- green apple + caramel 

Caramel Candies- rich and sweet

Chocolate Mint- peppermint + choco.

Coconut- fresh and sweet

Cool Mint- perfect blend of mints

Desert Oasis- refreshing pineapple blend

Dew Jack City- fresh honeydew cream

Fruit Punch- cherry fruit blend

Fruitopia- gushing sweet berries

Grape- a tart treat

Gummy Bear- nostalgic snacks

Lemon- juicy and sour

Lemon lime- sour citrus mix

Mango- tropical perfection

Orange- sweet citrus blend

Peach- rich and sweet

Peach Pop- sweet tropical fruit blend

Peppermint- classic mint

Peppermint Bark- candy cane + cocoa

Pineapple- juicy and tropical

Raspberry- sour and sweet

Razzy Bear- sour gummies

Red Hot- cinnamon candy

Red White & Blue- berries and cream

Sadoasis- sour melon and desert oasis

Skidattle- taste the rainbow

Sky Fall- vanilla cotton candy

Sour Apple- tart green apple

Sour Grapes- grape candy

Spearmint- minty fresh

Strawberry- ripe, juicy strawberries

Strawberry Kiwi- fresh fruity blend

Sweet Arts- sweet & tart candy

Watermelon- sweet and pleasant

Watermelon Candy- sour candy


Deserts and Drinks

Banana Pie- fluffy banana cream filling with a graham cracker base

Banana Royal- rich vanilla and banana custard + a little cinnamon

Berry Crunch- Cap’n Crunch’s fav.

Bucktown Brulee- french vanilla icecream and white chocolate

Butterscotch- old-fashioned candy

Blueberry Yogurt- creamy yogurt

Caramel Macchiato- rich caramel and coffee espresso

Cinnamon Crunch- cereal favorite

Cola- classic sodapop

Crème Brown- graham cracker

Crème Georgia- peaches n’ cream

General Custard- cinnamon and sweet vanilla custard

Key Lime Pie- sweet, creamy,& tart

Lemon Sugar Cookie- tangy & sweet sugar cookies

Monster- green energy drink

Nuddy Buddy- peanut-butter treat

Peach Cobbler- creamy peaches paired with vanilla and cinnamon

Peanut Butter Chocolate- a favorite chocolate cup candy

PB & J- afterschool snack

Peanut Butter Cookie- rich peanut butter sugar cookies

Pumpkin Spice- a fall must have

Red Bully- energy drink

Root Beer Float- icecream & pop

Slam Dunk- butterscotch waffles

Strawberry Yogurt- creamy yogurt with juicy strawberry bits

Taboo- warm caramel apple pie

Vanilla Cola- creamy soda

Vanilla Joe- vanilla coffee

Vanilla Halo- classic vanilla heaven



American Tobacco

Black Tobacco

Creme Bronze

555 Tobacco

Honey Nut Haze

Maxx Blend

Menthol Tobacco

Regular Tobacco

RY4 Tobacco

Trailhand Tobacco

Virginia Blend




Cool Mint